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Graphic Designer & Digital Artist:

Hannes Hummel

The  "Luxury Problems"  Series

"Based on Andy Stott’s record » Luxury Problems « I created a set of 3 busts. In the same vein as his sample oriented, dark & chopped song structure, the process and the methods used to create every bust are basically the same - with the help of  » Autocad 123d catch « I scanned several busts, stone sculptures and bones, recreated & remixed them digitally and created a set of surreal busts."

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Here are some pieces that were done for the Light Grey Art Lab Animysitcs show by some friends and myself. 

"Animystics is a celebration and homage of our furry friends, companions, and spirit animals. From ancient history to mythology, real life pets to legendary creatures, the exhibition recognizes the importance and impact of these animals throughout our lives…  A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Animal Humane Society, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, and Feline Rescue Inc." - Light Grey Art Lab

Prints and dolls can be purchased HERE

1) By me

2) Greg Wright

3) Sam Schechter

4) Miguel Co